MATT & SAM – 10 OCTOBER 2015

DSC_0587 (Custom)The new Mr & Mrs!

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous wedding? Today we are so happy to share some images of Matt & Sam’s candlelit, romantic wedding reception with us on Saturday … DSC_0579 (Custom) DSC_0585 (Custom) DSC_0581 (Custom) DSC_0591 (Custom) DSC_0598 (Custom)Sam & Matt’s table centrepieces comprised of hundreds (we’re not joking!) of different white candles.  Floating, pillar, scented, tea lights we had them all decorating the middle of the tables complimented with a few fresh, delicate blooms.  So elegant and simple – yet the effect once the sun went down was amazing! DSC_0593 (Custom) DSC_0599 (Custom) DSC_0601 (Custom) DSC_0602 (Custom)They also hired a Instagram Printer from Tag Snaps that was a huge hit (even with the oldies!).  It printed 2 copies  automatically of every photo uploaded to Instagram with their custom hashtag #mattsam2015.  Photos started popping out from early in the day …and didn’t stop even when the guests had gone home! DSC_0595 (Custom) DSC_0592 (Custom)Congrats Sam & Matt, we hope you are having a lovely honeymoon! xx



Nothing says LOVE like a huge heart constructed of native Australian foliage! Made by the incredible team at Under the Ivy – this is just one of the many special creations adorning this weekend’s wedding in our Conservatory.

Tess & Dan had a vision! Right from day 1 when they viewed the room, we saw their little creative minds ticking with what could be!! And boy, did they not disappoint! We had so much fun helping put this wedding together and are thrilled to share the beautiful images … DSC_0588 (Custom) DSC_0597 (Custom) DSC_0598 (Custom) DSC_0586 (Custom) DSC_0584 (Custom) DSC_0585 (Custom)The wedding favours were a collection of vintage inspired knick knacks, some filled with succulents, which doubled as the place cards for the tables.  AND JUST LOOK at these gorgeous handing birdcages filled with foliage hanging from the rafters! DSC_0583 (Custom) DSC_0587 (Custom) DSC_0603 (Custom) DSC_0613 (Custom) DSC_0590 (Custom) DSC_0605 (Custom)Congrats again guys! xx DSC_0611 (Custom) DSC_0600 (Custom) DSC_0594 (Custom) DSC_0607 (Custom)



DSC_0579 (Custom)Happy Thursday! To brighten up your day, we thought we’d share some images of Helen & Paul’s wedding reception with us on Saturday. Helen collected and styled the centrepieces herself – such a gorgeous idea and some serious wedding inspiration for all of you! DSC_0584 (Custom) DSC_0595 (Custom) DSC_0582 (Custom) DSC_0581 (Custom) DSC_0586 (Custom) DSC_0594 (Custom) DSC_0590 (Custom)Happy planning xx


We just received copies of the happiest photos and couldn’t not share them with you!

Athan celebrated his Christening with us back in July, and these very expressive pictures were snapped by Ellen at The Flash Mob Photography.

Congrats Athan xx


DSC_0532 (Custom)SPRING is officially here … and so is the start of the Spring weddings! Starting with James and Hannah’s gorgeous celebration with us on Saturday! DSC_0548 (Custom) DSC_0535 (Custom) DSC_0525 (Custom) DSC_0557 (Custom) DSC_0524 (Custom) IMG_8933 (Custom) DSC_0540 (Custom)Hannah and her mum handmade over 600 rum balls as the wedding favours! They displayed them (doubling up as the place cards) in cute little paper bags with a custom stamp.  They looked so good on the tables and really added something extra to the settings.  IMG_8927 (Custom) DSC_0543 (Custom) DSC_0546 (Custom) DSC_0558 (Custom)Congrats James & Hannah xx

EMILY’S 21ST – 12 JULY 2015

Emily's 21st Birthday - 12.07.15 (Custom)We just HAD to share these gorgeous images from Emily’s 21st Birthday with us earlier this year! Shot by the talented Mr Gregarious Photography11011870_731776496944270_2478766795330473789_o (Custom) cc (Custom) 11722558_731774003611186_9213760413834083471_o (Custom) 11722385_731775430277710_1529837120061542997_o (Custom) 11754707_731782820276971_9160341695270191773_o (Custom) 11412064_731779436943976_6243981628205325661_o (Custom)Happy Birthday Emily! xx


DSC_0541 (Custom)The wedding season is upon us! And what a great wedding to start it all off … last Saturday was nothing but laughs at Claire & Graham’s celebration.DSC_0514 (Custom)DSC_0531 (Custom)Beginning the afternoon with a low-key and thoughtful wedding ceremony performed by the lovely Kate Wallis in the Conservatory, guests toasted to the new Mr & Mrs before moving to their tables for the reception.  DSC_0526 (Custom) DSC_0533 (Custom) DSC_0534 (Custom) DSC_0536 (Custom) DSC_0539 (Custom)Claire did pretty much all of the styling herself with a little floral help from the talented ladies at Oak and Holly.

Congrats Claire & Graham xx

Alessandro’s Christening – 24 MAY 2015

DSC_0547 (Custom)Today we are taking a moment to look back over the last couple of months.  It is crazy how fast 2015 is flying by, and all of a sudden it’s been 2 months since we posted! How could we forget to post these gorgeous images from Alessandro’s christening with us in May!DSC_0541 (Custom) DSC_0539 (Custom) DSC_0552 (Custom)Due to the shape of the Conservatory, we can seat up to 68 people in the format of 2x long tables.  It creates a lovely look for a lunch or dinner under the glass roof! DSC_0556 (Custom) DSC_0559 (Custom) DSC_0551 (Custom)DSC_0549 (Custom)Congratulations Alessandro! xx

TIM & JULIE – 11 APRIL 2015

DSC_0540 (Custom)Today we are sharing a collection of photos from Tim & Julie’s bright, beautiful Spring wedding reception with us earlier in the year!DSC_0559 (Custom) DSC_0572 (Custom) DSC_0573 (Custom) DSC_0534 (Custom) DSC_0545 (Custom) DSC_0578 (Custom)Julie and Tim had a beachside ceremony before their seated reception in the Conservatory.  They tied it all in with sand from the beach in little jars included in the centrepieces of their tables. DSC_0582 (Custom) DSC_0585 (Custom) DSC_0531 (Custom) DSC_0521 (Custom) DSC_0562 (Custom) DSC_0525 (Custom)DSC_0520 (Custom)DSC_0569 (Custom) DSC_0555 (Custom)How cute is this idea to pop in the ladies bathrooms?! Julie sure did think of everything!! DSC_0528 (Custom)


Adriana Mirlind-47 (Custom)

Adriana and Mirlind just sent us these beautiful images from Clarisse Photography of their engagement party held in our Conservatory last month.  They are too good not to share with you …Adriana Mirlind-49 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-57 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-67 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-1 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-27 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-21 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-213 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-7 (Custom)Adriana styled the room herself with a mixture of white pillar candles, beautiful blooms and an incredibly tempting dessert buffet. Adriana Mirlind-19 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-9 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-11 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-17 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-307 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-289 (Custom)Mark from Clarisse Photography also took these breathtaking photos of Adriana and Mirlind in the laneway behind the Conservatory. Adriana Mirlind-384 (Custom) Adriana Mirlind-369 (Custom)Congrats again guys, all the best for the wedding planning! xx