DSC_0724 (Custom)Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Chapman who held their ceremony and cocktail reception with us on Saturday! No one could have asked for a better afternoon!! DSC_0731 (Custom) DSC_0716 (Custom)DSC_0720 (Custom) DSC_0712 (Custom) DSC_0726 (Custom)This gorgeous set-up was created by the team at Dream Ceremony Decor and the flowers by the talented Casey at Tillda Flowers. Post ceremony, all the guests went for a group photo across the road in the Carlton Gardens while we changed the room around for the reception…DSC_0706 (Custom) DSC_0766 (Custom) DSC_0705 (Custom) DSC_0752 (Custom) DSC_0754 (Custom) DSC_0747 (Custom) DSC_0751 (Custom)Daniel’s mum did an amazing job making the wedding cake, and all the potted succulents were handmade by a close family member – so sweet! DSC_0763 (Custom) DSC_0740 (Custom) DSC_0742 (Custom)DSC_0765 (Custom) DSC_0757 (Custom) DSC_0746 (Custom) DSC_0734 (Custom) DSC_0760 (Custom)Bar tables and stools hired from Dann Event Hire.